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Rodney F.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

You could not find a better wellness center to accommodate all your needs in a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

Rodney F.
Marlton, New Jersey
Erica T.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

I went to Dr. Liebman to help me with upper back and neck issues. He helped me tremendously with the pain I was experiencing . His staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, and they were friendly and very knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend him.

Erica T.
Marlton, New Jersey
Jon T.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

Dr Liebman provided me with alot of relief until my change in insurance caused me to stop going due to lack of coverage. He has alot of interesting tools for treatment for a great variety of ailments

Jon T.
Marlton, New Jersey
Lauren R.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

Dr. Liebman is not only a fantastic chiropractic physician but he is a great person as well. Always willing to help and fix anything thats bothering you. From helping my back issues, to my TMJ, he also is wonderful in the wellness aspect. He has a knack for knowing whats right and doing it the healthy way. I definitely suggest seeing him if you are in pain, want a foot bath, or just enjoy those traditional chiropractic appointments.

Lauren R.
Marlton, New Jersey
Iryna's 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

Dr. Jessie Liebman is THE ONLY chiropractic physician that has helped me with my issues!!! From the headaches, to neck adjustments, to upper and lower back adjustments. To knees! To ankles. You name it! He adjusted! Even my jaw and my skull! Yes! I said it, SKULL! Lol. And did a great job with it! I felt relief! He even pinpointed that I have breathing issues and that’s due to misalignment in my upper back! When he does my adjustments, I actually feel a relief! Unlike some chiropractic physicians, who actually ended up hurting me more! I have tried dozen of chiropractic physicians, but no one compares to Dr. Jessie!Now that I moved to South Carolina, I am in constant pain with no relief! And anytime I visit NJ, he is THE ONLY one I go see!

Marlton, New Jersey
Theresa B.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

The doctors and staff at Liebman Wellness Center are amazing! They are friendly and genuinely care about their patients. I have been coming here for almost 2 years and I love it. My neuropathy pain is gone and they continue to help me with back pain and shoulder pain. There is no place that I would rather be to get my chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Jesse and Dr. Derek!

Theresa B.
Marlton, New Jersey
Katherine N.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

I so love and appreciate the expertise of the doctors and all the others who facilitate wellness in the office. Everyone is well trained, kind and thoughtful. "Everyone knows your name."

Katherine N.
Marlton, New Jersey
Richard C.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

I was told I'd need back surgery. Liebman Wellness Center was my last hope. I'm so happy I walked through the door. At that time I had severe pain and walked with a cane. Within weeks I was feeling better, and within months I was back to normal. Now I'm painting rooms, raking leaves, and taking care of my own horses. I would not hesitate to recommend Liebman Wellness Center to anyone who is suffering with pain.

Richard C.
Marlton, New Jersey
Hiller B.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

I went to Dr. Liebman to alleviate some lower back issues. During my treatment we also discussed digestive problems I was having. Due to his overall approach to healing, he was able to not only alleviate my lower back pain, but with additional adjustments and a probiotic treatment plan he solved any and all of my gastric issues! His staff was kind and courteous and made the overall experience very pleasant! I have recommended Dr. Liebman to all my family and friends. He truly is a cutting edge holistic healer!

Hiller B.
Marlton, New Jersey
Steve H.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

I have been a patient of Dr. Jesse for over 10 years. He possesses that rare combination of expertise and warmth. Unlike other chiropractic physicians I have visited, Dr. Jesse works on me until he finds a way to alleviate my discomfort. He takes the time to try different things until something works.

He is a student of his craft - always learning new techniques and approaches, while never forgetting the basics that make him so successful.

I not only consider him my Doctor, I also consider him my friend.

5 stars! If you need help - give Dr. Jesse a try!

Steve H.
Marlton, New Jersey

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