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This Therapy May Help Improve:

Back Pain

Neck Pain


Herniated Disc

Slipped Disc

Bulging Disc

Pinched Nerve


Spinal Stenosis

Facet Syndrome

Degenerative Disc Disease

Failed Back Surgery

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Free Consultation & Thermal Image Scan

30+ Years Serving As The Go-To Spinal Decompression Marlton Clinic

Our trusted team at Liebman Wellness Center have helped many patients find relief and recover from various back and disc injuries through our unqiue spinal rehab program. This non-surgical spinal treatment program involves a very effective therapy for pain relief and recovery, Spinal Decompression Therapy.

Spinal Decompression Therapy is performed on a spinal decompression table that applies computerized adjustments to the patient. These computerized adjustments relieve pressure in the spinal column and help restore spinal discs back to normal function. Both therapies can be used as stand alone treatments, but we have found using these therapies in junction with each other provides optimal results and quickier pain relief for patients.

So, if you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, or a disc injury, find out if this program is right for you with a consultation and exam.

Spine showing thinning disc causing painDisc injury causing pain and spinal discomfort

Benefits Of Spinal Decompression Therapy

Relieves Pain

Spinal Decompression helps reduce the pressure from the spine that is causing pain and discomfort.

Treats Underlying Cause

The device used for this treatment provides calculated, computerized adjustments to treat disc injuries and much more.

FDA-Cleared & Clinically Tested

Spinal Decompression with the Back-on-Trac is FDA Cleared and backed by clinical research.


Our Patients Share Their Success

Crystelle S.'s 5-Star Google Review for back pain relief

Dr Leibman is a miracle worker! I drive from Philly when things get bad he's the only one i trust to touch my back.

Crystelle S.
Marlton, New Jersey
Lauren R.'s 5-Star Google Review for back pain relief

Dr. Liebman is not only a fantastic chiropractic physician but he is a great person as well. Always willing to help and fix anything thats bothering you. From helping my back issues, to my TMJ, he also is wonderful in the wellness aspect. He has a knack for knowing whats right and doing it the healthy way. I definitely suggest seeing him if you are in pain, want a foot bath, or just enjoy those traditional chiropractic appointments.

Lauren R.
Marlton, New Jersey
Erica T.'s 5-Star Google Review for back pain relief

I went to Dr. Liebman to help me with upper back and neck issues. He helped me tremendously with the pain I was experiencing . His staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, and they were friendly and very knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend him.

Erica T.
Marlton, New Jersey
Iryna's 5-Star Google Review for back pain relief

Dr. Jessie Liebman is THE ONLY chiropractic physician that has helped me with my issues!!! From the headaches, to neck adjustments, to upper and lower back adjustments. To knees! To ankles. You name it! He adjusted! Even my jaw and my skull! Yes! I said it, SKULL! Lol. And did a great job with it! I felt relief! He even pinpointed that I have breathing issues and that’s due to misalignment in my upper back! When he does my adjustments, I actually feel a relief! Unlike some chiropractic physicians, who actually ended up hurting me more! I have tried dozen of chiropractic physicians, but no one compares to Dr. Jessie!Now that I moved to South Carolina, I am in constant pain with no relief! And anytime I visit NJ, he is THE ONLY one I go see!

Marlton, New Jersey
Theresa B.'s 5-Star Google Review for back pain relief

The doctors and staff at Liebman Wellness Center are amazing! They are friendly and genuinely care about their patients. I have been coming here for almost 2 years and I love it. My neuropathy pain is gone and they continue to help me with back pain and shoulder pain. There is no place that I would rather be to get my chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Jesse and Dr. Derek!

Theresa B.
Marlton, New Jersey
Richard C.'s 5-Star Google Review for back pain relief

I was told I'd need back surgery. Liebman Wellness Center was my last hope. I'm so happy I walked through the door. At that time I had severe pain and walked with a cane. Within weeks I was feeling better, and within months I was back to normal. Now I'm painting rooms, raking leaves, and taking care of my own horses. I would not hesitate to recommend Liebman Wellness Center to anyone who is suffering with pain.

Richard C.
Marlton, New Jersey

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Doctor at Liebman Wellness Center examining patient x-rays for spine injuryDoctor at Liebman Wellness Center examining patient x-rays for spine injury

Why Choose Liebman Wellness Center

Free Consultation

We provide a Free Consultation and Thermal Image Scan to determine if you are a good candidate for our spinal decompression program.

Knowledgeable and Professional

Our physicians have years of experience with improving spinal injuries, conditions, and degeneration that may affect your ability to function normally.

Customized Therapy Plans

We customize our treatment plans to ensure you receive the most effective treatment to aid your recovery.


Conditions Treatable with Spinal Decompression

Woman sitting on her bed in pain from lumbar injuryWoman sitting on her bed in pain from lumbar injury


Meet Our doctors

Dr. Jesse Liebman, DC
Dr. Jesse Liebman, DC
Chiropractic Physician
Dr. Derek Bruno, DC
Dr. Derek Bruno, DC
Chiropractic Physician
Female patient having a spinal decompression consultationFemale patient having a spinal decompression consultation

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